PSOL2美服更新说明 新武器中文语音加入

  All servers will come down at 6 AM PT for Game Update 1. Downtime is anticipated to be less than two hours. Players may notice the following changes.

  所有服务器都将在6:00 AM PT下线以进行游戏升级,离线时间大约不超过两个小时。玩家们会注意到以下变化。


  Horns are now available for the Sunderer and Flash! Check the Depot under Vehicle Gear.

  New weaponry is currently being issued to all three empires. If you are looking for a new light machine gun or assault rifle, head to the Depot and check them out.A number of changes have been made to Vehicle and Aircraft weaponry. Please see the Vehicle notes below.Fixed a few crash bugs and provided some optimizations to improve gameplay.Players may now make multiple characters on the same server.



  Notable Bugfixes:

  The NS-11 Platinum should now properly unlock medals.The Facebook Promotional Weapons should now properly unlock medals.Players should no longer be able to spot enemies without a line of sight.The Gauss Compact S will now provide players the ability to aim down sights and strafe more accurately.Destroying enemy terminals will no longer provide a Kill stat.The Light Assault Jumpjet will no longer break if you run into terrain while in flight.When holding down push to talk it should no longer become “stuck” when released.The NS-11 will now have a sound indicating it is being reloaded.Spawning a vehicle in the warpgate will no longer cause players to fall through the world.The TX2 Emperor should now provide the correct damage level to targets.


  NS-11白金版现在可以正确地获得枪械勋章了。Facebook的促销武器现在可以正确地获得枪械勋章了。玩家现在无法发现视线外的敌人。Gauss Compact S现在可以正确地瞄准下方,并提升了射击的准确性。摧毁敌人的终端不再获得击杀记录。轻突在飞行中因为BUG进入地面或者岩石后飞行背包将不再因BUG不能使用。当按住按键说话的按键后松开,该按键不再会被“粘住”。NS-11现在完成装弹后有提示音效了。在庇护所内领取载具将不再导致玩家掉落到地底。TX2现在对目标造成正确的伤害了。


  The tail gun on the Liberator is now located on the back of the tail wing and not underneath it. This provides a greater coverage for all tail gun variants.

  Aircraft and Phalanx Turret resistance to the following weapons has been reduced:M40 Fury、C75 Viper、L105 Zephyr、G30 Vulcan、M60 Bulldog

  Personal Defense Weapons (on light aircraft only)Sunderer resistance to heavy machine guns has been increased.All Flak damage has been increased by 5%.The Composite Armor tooltip has been adjusted to be more accurate.





  Infantry Weaponry:

  New Weapons:

  The NS Decimator rocket launcher is now available to all empires.

  Terran Republic:

  The TAR will provide thebest hip fire of this empires assault rifles.The T32 Bull will provide an adaptable solution to long or short range combat but has a slow reload.

  New Conglomerate:

  The Carnage BR is now available. This medium-fast fire rate assault rifle has good hip fire and range limiting recoil.The Anchor light machine gun provided good mobility and a 45 round magazine.

  Vanu Sovereignty:

  The Corvus assault rifle has a slow rate of fire but compensates with deadly accuracy.The Ursa light machine gun will provide a slightly lower rate of fire but extreme accurate fire.







  Carnage BR突击步枪拥有较快射速和优秀的不开镜射击性能,同时后坐力也在可接受的范围。轻机枪Anchor提供优秀的便携性,弹夹为45发。



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