战机世界开发者Q&A 涂装/公会战/夜战

  Question: How was the mechanic of Optimal Altitude originally conceived, and what was its goal? What are your current thoughts on its implementation?


  A: The main reason for such a mechanic implementation was to add some additional depth to the in-game mechanics, while remaining easy for casual players to understand. Optimal altitude can be used to your advantage, understanding the best altitudes for your plane, as well as knowing which altitudes put your enemies at a disadvantage. This is how we envisioned the mechanic. However, as an MMO, we are always open to adjusting it--no mechanic is ever set in stone


  Q:Is there a timeline you can provide for the implementation of clans, and clan wars? Will there be any ties between clan wars in World of Warplanes and World of Tanks?


  A: We would like to implement it within the next half-year, but because we will need to thoroughly test clan features to prevent any bugs, we cannot give a concrete date for it. We want to have functionality between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks clans, and for sure implementing clan wars.


  Q: What are your thoughts on the current tier spread in the matchmaker?


  A: We are still thinking that plus/minus of 1 tier during the battle (as with World of Tanks) is a good idea, to make the the game challenging but still fun to play. On the other hand, in 1.3 we are deploying the new updated 'Balancer,' to avoid specific situations with possible imbalances, such as one team with too many flights.

  A: 我们仍然认为“加/减”1级(就像坦克世界那样)是个不错的主意,这让游戏充满挑战性的同时也保持了娱乐性。而另一方面,我们在1.3版本中更新了“平衡器”,避免可能出现的一方高级飞机太多或者是一方某机种数量太多的不平衡情况。

  Q: In the new trailer, you show a night battle scene. It looked really awesome! Do you see adding a night time match/battle?


  A: Yes, definitely! One of our upcoming maps, Winter War, is a night map! (And yes, it DOES look really cool!) For sure, some more unique maps are on the way.

  A:是的,毫无疑问,即将推出的一个新地图“Winter War”就是一张夜战地图(看起来的确很"cool")。当然,更多独一无二的另类地图也在开发当中。

  Q: Are there plans to make player-made modifications easier to implement, such as adding an official res_mods folder?


  A: We will add a \res_mod\ folder in 1.3, and we are going to make player-made modifications easier to implement in upcoming versions as well.


  Q: World of Tanks recently had a HD graphics makeover in its 9.0 update. Will World of Warplanes see similar graphics improvements?


  A: Currently, we are working hard on upgrading the overall performance and making the game more accessible to players with lower spec PCs, without compromising performance. For players whose PCs are able to handle more detail and effects, we will be improving the graphics in the near future, not just with additional polygons for the models but also adding updated effects to make the game look more like a Hollywood movie.


  Q: When playing with a joystick, aiming accurately can be difficult because of the slight input delay. Will there be modifications made to improve the way that joysticks/flight sticks/yoke interact with the game?


  A: Right now we are working on updating the current joystick and gamepad mechanics that will allow players to adjust not only a huge amount of necessary settings, but we are also working to improve the overall quality of the experience that players have using such input devices. Look forward to these updates!


  Q: Will there be different battle modes in the future?


  A: Absolutely. Right now we are prototyping many new game modes, and one or more of them will be implemented in the near future.


  Q: Character customization is a major facet of most F2P games. Is there a plan to allow more plane customization in the future, such as 6 skins?


  A: Yes! New skins, new nose art, new emblems, and lots of other new customization content will be added in future updates!


  Q: Most of the iconic WWII aircraft are at tiers IV-VII. Do you think that having more well-known aircraft in earlier tiers--such as famous WWI aircraft at Tier I--would affect a new player's enjoyment of World of Warplanes?


  A: We love flying iconic aircraft as well! We will be adding not only new high-tier planes, but lower-tier planes as well. Adding new Tier I planes is something we have not yet decided on, but there will be some nice Tier II through Tier VI planes added soon.




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